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Outinha Dot Com is a Booking Platform for Short Term and Vacation Rentals built to help Owners find suitable opportunities to rent their properties making good profit and help Guests to find the best offers according to their requirement and Price needs , facilitating the payment options and providing follow up during the service Period.

How it works? For Owners, Outinha Dot Com secures your Rental Fees Collections and insures access to huge number of customers and at the same time provides high flexibility for Owners to show their Properties and put specific pricing for special dates, limiting number of users for their properties if needed.

All information for listed Properties are based on Owner inputs and Outinha Dot Com has no liability for it, and customer has to confirm for the available property.

Outinha Dot Com will do all possible to Guarantee the best offers and best deals, but with no any responsibility about Properties Quality or Description Matching.

Why shall I use Outinha Dot Com?
  • Outinha Dot Com allows free Property listing and free Online Booking Options.
  • Outinha Dot Com Provide payment collection Services through online payment gateway.
  • Outinha Dot Com allow two booking ways, Free one “Pay Upon Arrival” where the Guest do not pay through Outinha Dot Com.. Guest just book. Other option is paid one “Pay Online” where you can pay through Outinha Dot Com payment gateway and Outinha Dot Com charge owner for specific fees according to different Packages.
  • Outinha Dot Com platform provide new features, that limit the number of users allowed to book specific property, or charge for extra persons more than this number.. this is to insure the Property right utilization.
  • Outinha Dot Com Provide Control Panel for user to manager his properties and his profit.
  • Outinha Dot Com provide Two Ways protection for Owners and Guests (only in case payment is done through “Pay Online Option” at Outinha Dot Com), where owner receive his net money after the Guest leave location. Also, Outinha Dot Com deduct one night/day from Guest in case he did not show at the location on time, or in case Guest canceled the booking in less than 24 hours before the booking starting date.
  • Outinha Dot Com cannot guarantee Owners Property Quality or description, however in case Outinha Dot Com discovered violation or fake data inputs from owner, Outinha Dot Com will block this owner account and all his properties, and Outinha Dot Com agent will present another available option through Outinha Dot Com with a 5% discount of the new booking value (This is only applicable in case payment done through “Pay Online Option” through Outinha Dot Com)
What are the booking steps at Outinha Dot Com?
  1. Guest, should select the preferred property and Check in/Check Out Dates, and submit to Outinha Dot Com.
  2. Outinha Dot Com Agent will check the request and confirm with Owner, and send approval feedback for Guest.
  3. Guest will receive a link and he should confirm his preferred payment option in case multiple options are there.
What are the subscription Packages? Outinha Dot Com Provides 3 Subscription Packages for owner to list their properties:
  • Basic Package: it is free, where owner listings cannot appear at first page, and Outinha Dot Com will charge a commission of 12% in case the payment is processed through “Pay On Line” at Outinha Dot Com payment gateway.
  • Silver Package: it is paid one, where owner listings cannot appear at first page, and Outinha Dot Com will charge a commission of 8% in case the ayment is processed through “Pay On Line” at Outinha Dot Com payment gateway.
  • Golden Package: it is paid one, where owner listings will appear at first page, and Outinha Dot Com will charge a commission of 6% in case the payment is processed through “Pay On Line” at Outinha Dot Com payment gateway.
What is the cancelation Policy?
  • Cancelation should be before the booking start date by at least 24 hours. In case the booking started, the first day/night will be deducted from the total amount.
  • Administrative Fees around 3% will be deducted from total fees as this is bank collection fees.
What is the Owner Payment Policy?
  • For Online Payment (Visa & Master card) Outinha Dot Com will provide Net Payment to owners (after excluding Outinha Dot Com fees), day after Check Out Date of the Guest,
  • Each order will be treated separately, or the owner can choose to get paid each 15 days for all his properties.
  • It can be delivered to customer bank account, by any other suitable means to customer … in case the transfer method will require additional fees (Such as Phone cash), it will be deducted from customer Payment.
What if i listed my property to be in USD?

Outinha Dot Com will consider the Egyptian Central bank rate and change the listed price into EGP at the collection date rate.

What if the owner listed inaccurate information about his Property? Or the property Quality is not that described?

Outinha Dot Com has no any liability for property description by owner or inputs validation from owner side, However Outinha Dot Com will take appropriate action to block all the listings by this owner through Outinha Dot Com, and will help Outinha Dot Com Guest to find another Property with discount.

Can we List Advertisement at Home Page?

Yes, and Outinha Dot Com currently provide discount 50%.